Hayling Golf Club

14th Fairway from Ladies tee 14th green approach 14th fairway from 13th fairway 13th green with clubhouse in distance View back to club house over 14th green

Hole 14 - Farm

Pro's Tips

A hole to be played with the head rather than the heart. Long hitters can go over the middle or left side of the hump and then pitch their second over the bunkers on the left side of the fairway to get home in two.

The more conservative approach is to play your drive to favour the right side and then play as close to the bunkers as you dare to give you the best line in for your third.

The approach will depend on where the pin is on this long green but in general better long than short for an easier putt back up the green.


pars & yardages

  • Yds 534 Par 5 S1 7

  • Yds 526 Par 5 S1 7

  • Yds 424 Par 5 S1 2

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